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A Picture Is Worth Thousands of Dollars!

A Picture Is Worth Thousands of Dollars!

Team Paradise Offers Timely Tips To Get Your Home Sold

You’ve likely used the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” In the real estate marketing world, bad photos in particular, could also mean a much longerpicture-this time on the market and lower offers on a property. Everyday we find low quality and poor photography showing up on listed property and many sellers have no idea what their home looks like to the public. My Team and I know the listing photos may be one of the most important marketing efforts that lead to a potential buyer. In fact, poor quality photos will often times cause an agent to pass over presenting a property to a buyer just because it looks terrible in the photos associated with the listing even though it might be a strong match for a buyer.

In today’s internet world, savvy buyers use online real estate searches during the home search process. They usually start looking at homes online before they contact an agent. For both buyers and agents, it’s far more efficient to screen properties by looking at the pictures that have been posted than to make appointments with each homeowner, drive all over town and waste a lot of time looking at homes that would never meet a buyer’s criteria.

Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Post enough pictures of a property to adequately represent the most relevant features; most websites allow for at least 24 and more may be needed if it is a large home.
  • Take horizontal vs vertical shots to accommodate the format of most property websites.
  • Natural light is preferred over the limitations of flash and remember to turn on all lights in the room and turn ceiling fans off.
  • Photos should be taken with a wide-angle lens so that you can see the majority of the room in one picture.
  • For large oversize rooms, take photos from different angles to give the buyers a different perspective.
  • Stage, neutralize and arrange rooms prior to taking the photos so a buyer can imagine the room with their own things in it.
  • Arrange photos in order to help buyers visualize the floor plan as if walking through it.
  • If possible, use a tripod…professionals use tripods to absolutely hold the camera still.
  • Do Not “photoshop” or modify factual elements (eg. removing power lines or unsightly objects to make the photo more attractive) it’s deceptive.

When we list a property at John R Wood Properties, we only use professional photography. Our Team Paradise knows professional photos can be one of the most important marketing efforts  to show the home to its best advantage. In doing so, we know it can potentially attract buyers sooner and a property that looks like a million will sell closer to a million!

For more tips on selling your property, be in touch with us today.

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