Florida: Now The Nation's Fastest-Growing State

Florida: Now The Nation's Fastest-Growing State

Did you know that Florida was the fastest-growing state in the country by population in 2022? It's true, according to census data reported by Forbes, and while Florida often ranks high on the list this marks the first time since 1957 that it finished the year as the fastest-growing state. With beautiful weather, endless attractions, stunning scenery, and a unique, vibrant culture, it's no surprise that so many people love calling Florida home. Our real estate agents have more details on Florida's recent population growth and on what draws so many new residents to the Paradise Coast.

Florida: Now the Nation's Fastest-Growing State

Before we delve into why so many new residents are flocking to Florida, it's worth taking a moment to look at a few more eye-opening statistics. First, Florida is the third most populous state in the country, and the fastest-growing state list is based on percentage of growth – which means that to reach the same percentage, Florida had to attract a much larger number of new residents compared to many smaller states, like last year's fastest-growing state, Idaho.
Equally important is that Florida's population has grown by percentage during every year since 1946, without exception. So population growth certainly isn't a new trend, and once people move to Florida, they often stick around long term. However, the magnitude of new arrivals has certainly increased in recent years. 2022 saw a population growth of 1.9 percent, which took Florida's population to 22,224,823 as of the end of 2022.

Why You'll Love Finding a Florida Home Too

While there are many parts of Florida that you could choose for your next home, who could say no to paradise? The Paradise Coast, located along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in Southwest Florida, exemplifies all of the reasons why so many people love calling Florida home. This is where you'll find Naples homes for sale, as well as homes in many other outstanding Paradise Coast communities.

Endless Destinations for Shopping and Dining

If you love shopping, you'll feel right at home among the many boutiques, high-end clothing shops, art galleries, and unique, local small businesses in Paradise Coast communities. Fifth Avenue South is a great example of the mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment that you'll find in this corner of Florida. Located in Naples, Fifth Avenue South features stores stocked with the biggest luxury brands, along with gourmet dining, art galleries, great places to enjoy a cocktail, and a wide variety of entertainment venues.

A Hub of Art, Culture, and Entertainment

With an exceptional mix of art galleries, classes, and museums, the arts are thriving on the Paradise Coast. Shop for the perfect piece to finish of a room in your new home, or take a class to learn how to create your own. No matter how you like to experience art, you'll feel right at home on the Paradise Coast.

Fun in the Sun

Whether you enjoy golf, tennis, nature hikes, or long, lounging days spent on the beach with your toes in the sand, you'll never be far from fun, outdoorsy activities when you spend time in Florida. Golfers will be especially excited to hear that the Paradise Coast has a second nickname, the Golf Capital of the World. There are more than 90 courses hereincluding some world-class clubs where PGA and LPGA tournaments are held annually. With a temperate climate year-round, you can enjoy the great outdoors all year long.

Real Estate

From luxurious estates and high-end townhomes in gated communities to beachfront bungalows perched on the shore of the Gulf, the Paradise Coast offers homes to suit every taste. So even with so many new residents moving to Florida, you can still find homes in your favorite communities that check off every must-have on your shopping list. Whether you're searching for a permanent residence or a part-time home/vacation destination, the Paradise Coast has so much to offer.

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