Modern Design: A Popular Trend In Florida Homes

Modern Design: A Popular Trend In Florida Homes

Planning a decorating refresh for your Paradise Coast living space? Then it's well worth brushing up on the latest interior design trends, and Modern design should be at the top of the list. REALTOR® Magazine recently ranked Modern design as the most popular style in Florida, and it's also one of the most popular design choices in the US overall. Our real estate agents have the details on what Modern design is, why it's so popular, and how to incorporate it into your interior design.
While the definition of lower-case-m modern design tends to shift with the times, capital-M Modern design is a more enduring concept that has inspired interior design choices for decades. While the naming can be a bit confusing, the concepts that Modern design is built around are refreshingly simple to incorporate into your home. Modern design is all about clean lines, sleek design, open floor plans, neutral, contrasting colors, minimalist style, and functional yet stylish design choices.
If you've spent much time in the art galleries, museums, boutique shops, or chic, high-end restaurants near Naples homes for sale, then you've likely seen Modern design concepts in action. While the name suggests a futuristic sort of design, Modern design is actually quite timeless, with enduring concepts that can be incorporated into any home.

How to Incorporate Modern Design into Your Decor

Think Neutral Tones with Colorful Accents

The most common primary colors in Modern design include black, white, and gray, along with more earthy tones. These neutral colors offer a sleek look on their own and also help make any splashes of brighter colors pop even more than they normally would. So while you focus on incorporating a neutral color scheme, don't be afraid to add those splashes of color with brighter furnishings, artwork, or secondary paint colors.

Incorporate Reflective, Metallic Surfaces

Your neutral base can be further brightened by introducing reflective, metallic surfaces to the mix. Appliances, electronics, and furnishings often have metallic options available, making them easy ways to blend this aspect of Modern design into your home. Modern design is often referred to along the lines of "what people in the past thought the futuristic design would look like," and the metallic surfaces fit nicely with that concept.

Highlight Natural Wood and Materials

However, Modern design isn't just about sleek, futuristic-looking surfaces and colors. It also incorporates earthy tones, both in the overall color scheme and in individual furnishings. Opting for furnishings with elements of unfinished wood and natural leather are great examples of how you can bring this element of Modern design into your home. Leaving certain construction materials exposed, like large wooden beams, can also add a natural look.

Design with an Open Layout That Combines Multiple Spaces

With Modern design, less is more. Rather than filling rooms to the brim with furnishings and décor, Modern design relies on a more restrained style that emphasizes open space. That extends to Modern floor plans, which are focused on combining multiple living spaces in the home into large, open multi-purpose rooms. The emphasis on open space is also one reason why sleek, stylish furnishings are essential to Modern design.

Design with Both Function and Style in Mind

Modern design is meant to be functional without compromising on style. So every furnishing has a purpose, and every piece of décor adds to the overall look of the space. As you incorporate modern design elements, be sure to consider function along with style.

Let the Natural Light Shine

In Modern design, windows tend to feature few adornments and décor elements, which makes them free to serve their primary function of letting in plenty of natural light. That natural light can really make those metallic surfaces pop and add to the sleek, airy atmosphere of a room that features modern design elements.

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